What to Expect: How to Prepare For Your Kitchen Renovation

With the warm weather, kids out of school, and vacation opportunities – the summer months are the most popular time to embark on a kitchen renovation.  Some view this as an opportunity to eat out every night.  However, there are definitely ways to eat home cooked meals without breaking the bank and gaining extra lbs (wouldn’t you rather spend more on the kitchen remodel?!).  The homeowners who suffer the least during a kitchen renovation are typically the ones who are the most prepared.  Based on our experience we’ve compiled some tips and ideas that will hopefully help you survive your next kitchen renovation!

  • Making some meals ahead of the kitchen renovation demo and freezing them can be a life saver.  Not only is a home cooked meal comforting but it eliminates the necessity to eat out every night of the week!


  • Definitely keep your old refrigerator in a separate room until the new one is installed. Having the ability to refrigerate and freeze food will make the world of a difference.


  • One of the biggest benefits of renovating during the summer is having the grill as your new best friend.  It can’t get any easier than that!


  •  Completely clean out and remove any food products, packaged goods, small appliances, etc. from the kitchen cabinetry before the demolition phase. Now is also a good time to binge clean!  Throw out expired canned goods, food products, etc.  Organizing your new kitchen will be much more enjoyable if you’ve already done this.


  • Set up a temporary kitchen with small appliances and food products in a separate room. Keep the essentials handy.  Frustration begins to brew when you’re looking for a quick meal and realized you already packed the cans of soup away. Bins with drawers or baskets can be used to organize items by type. Being organized can make this experience much less chaotic.


  • Some small appliances that you may find helpful for making meals during the renovation:

o   Panini Press or Electric Griddle (some have both options)

o   Crockpot (We recommend using Reynolds Slow Cook Liners for easy clean up)

o   Toaster Oven

o   Microwave 

o   Hot Plate


  • You will be without a sink and dishwasher until the counter top is installed, so stock up on paper and plastic products if you do not have access to another sink. 


  • Designate a space (garage, basement, etc.) to keep items needed for the kitchen project (sinks, faucets, lighting fixtures, etc.) so they are easily accessible for installation.