Trend Report: Looking Back on Kitchen Design in 2016

With 2017 just around the corner, we wanted to reflect on the kitchen  design trends of 2016.  We’re looking forward to what 2017 has to offer the kitchen and bath industry!


Mixing Metals

From brass to copper and even rose gold, these statement pieces can be found everywhere from Restoration Hardware to Home Goods. It’s become very popular to use brass hardware as a pop of color on white and dark cabinetry.  It can also be used in contemporary and traditional designs, making the trend very versatile.  This aesthetic can be considered somewhat of a "throwback", so we're interested to see if this trend will stand the test of time and make it through 2017.

Top Knobs "Bit Pull" in Brushed Bronze

Top Knobs "Bit Pull" in Brushed Bronze

Soft Shades of Cabinetry

While white kitchens will always be a favorite, in 2016 soft muted colored cabinetry make a breakthrough into kitchen design.  From charcoal and soft gray to muted blues and pale green.  Plain & Fancy Custom cabinetry released new enamel finishes that perfectly represent this new trend. Since 85-90% of the kitchens we remodel at Robinwood are of the white variety, we love any trend that introduces color into the space. We hope this one is here to stay!

From Left to Right: "White Sand", "Khaki", "Fawn", "Mystic Blue", "Mystic Green"

From Left to Right: "White Sand", "Khaki", "Fawn", "Mystic Blue", "Mystic Green"


The Reclaimed Wood Effect

Using reclaimed and rustic wood is an instant way to add charm to any space, no matter what the age of the home.  The uptick in this trend may be due in part to the popularity of TV shows such as Fixer Upper (for those of you who aren’t familiar – a wholesome couple from Texas who remodels homes for clients often using reclaimed wood beams, ship lap, etc.).  We happen to love this trend, especially by incorporating wood countertops and shelves into a kitchen design.

For the authentic look of reclaimed wood, we highly suggest visiting Real Antique Wood.  Located in Irvington, NJ, they travel throughout the tri-state area to demolish old barns and reclaim the wood to create new projects.  From tabletops to fireplace mantles, they do it all.  The best part is each piece is unique and has it’s own story!

Below are some photos of projects we've on worked with Real Antique Wood:


Marble-Like Quartz

Marble has always been a desirable material to utilize in kitchen design.  While homeowners love the look of marble, the maintenance can often be a turn off.  Many families we work with to remodel their kitchen are opting for man-made quartz countertops that mimic the look of marble.  In 2016 we saw a huge improvement in the realistic resemblance of marble from all quartz manufacturers.  Now homeowners can benefit from the easy maintenance characteristics of quartz, without having to sacrifice the marble aesthetic. 

Below are some of our favorite quartz colors:

Cambria "Torquay" 

Cambria "Torquay" 

Functional Design

With the continued success of websites like Houzz and Pinterest, homeowners requests for functional cabinet accessories have increased exponentially.  Wish lists for kitchen remodels have completely transformed to include specific information about spice cabinet organization, pot and pan storage, and pantry pullouts.  Homeowners are now very informed on the endless possibilities of cabinetry organization and often share their Houzz ideabooks with us to communicate exactly what they’re looking for.

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